G/H Trademark Lawyers in Peru

G/H Trademark Lawyers in Peru
Lima, Perú
Over 15 years of experience
Head office: Santiago de Surco, Lima, Perú
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We are G/H TRADEMARK, your most trusted partner for safeguarding your ideas and brands, both in Peru and globally.

Boasting more than 15 years of experience, we are deeply committed to delivering comprehensive advisory services to a diverse clientele spanning Peru, Chile, Spain, the United States, China, Colombia, and various other countries. Our specialization revolves around trademark registration, protection, and defense, along with other critical facets of intellectual and industrial property. These areas hold significant importance, given their vulnerability to infringements and violations.


Trademark Search
Our trademark search service in Peru is specifically designed to assist you in assessing the likelihood of a successful trademark registration. To enhance its effectiveness, we take into account spelling and phonetic variations, offering you a comprehensive and precise overview of potential matches. This early identification of potential conflicts empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your brand selection, ultimately helping you avoid unnecessary legal disputes in the future.

Trademark Registration
At G/H Trademark, we recognize the significance of possessing a robust and legally safeguarded registered trademark. Our trademark registration service, available in Peru and internationally, is meticulously crafted to facilitate your acquisition of exclusive rights to your brand, guaranteeing that no other entity can employ it without your explicit consent.

Transfer, Assignment, and Other Amendment Acts
We will ensure that your trademark rights are protected throughout the transfer process. We conduct thorough research to identify any potential risks and take the necessary steps to safeguard your interests. We handle all the necessary documentation for the transfer of your trademark, including assignment agreements and transfer contracts. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that all documentation is complete, accurate, and compliant with legal requirements.

Trademark Monitoring
Our trademark monitoring service is designed to continually monitor the use of trademarks similar to yours, providing you with early alerts about potential conflicts and allowing you to take timely legal action.

Consumer Protection
We advise and represent individuals and national and foreign companies in complaints, claims, and conciliations regarding consumer protection. We also implement compliance programs for consumer protection.

Unfair Competition
We offer guidance and uphold the rights of our clients in cases of unfair competition litigation in Peru. In situations where clients confront baseless unfair competition allegations, we provide a robust defense to safeguard their rights and reputation.

Our services range from registering creative works with Indecopi (Peru) to negotiating and drafting contracts that protect these rights and regulate their use. Additionally, we represent our clients in litigation related to copyright infringement.

Personal Data Protection
We conduct personal data protection audits in companies to avoid possible sanctions, provide guidance on personal data registration, and advise on security measures to comply with the personal data protection law.

We offer legal defense in cases of audits for non-compliance with the personal data protection law, as well as the development of privacy policies.


Spanish and English.


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